The Quiet Writers Desk is dedicated to helping the shy and quiet discover writing as a way to be who they are, find their way onto the page, and say what is on their heart.

You may know me as the writer, sister, dreamer, friend, person from my blog, The Song of My Soul, but let me introduce myself afresh.

Hello, I'm Kayla, and welcome to my new writing blog.
I'm a writer, dreamer, empathy-lover, shy, quiet, woman of few words - except when it comes to writing stories. But there's a bit of a story that goes along with that.

I want to share my journey to writing stories, how I discovered writing as a way to be myself and say what was on my heart. I want to help other shy, quiet writers do the same.

My goal through this blog is to help young, quiet writers find confidence and encouragement through writing stories, and be who they were made to be.

But don't feel left out if this isn't you.

The Quiet Writers' Desk is for everyone who desires to write memorable stories.
There's room for Introverts and Extroverts alike!


Just a messy, homespun, quiet writer of a girl who runs this place. I started writing when I was twelve and, true to my messy self, I had half written stories and piles of notebooks stuffed with random papers everywhere. I've cleaned up a little since then, but I still love the look of a messy desk after a day's work.

I wrote several novels before beginning my adventure as an author entrepreneur by publishing a Young Adult novelette, The Life and Death of Terry Dodd. Each novel taught me invaluable lessons in storytelling. And I hope you will find a safe and comforting place here for all your writerly needs.

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