Epic Post Round-Up: Crafting Villains | 32 Articles on How to Write a Villain

How Do You Craft a Villain?

It's simple: the same way you craft the hero.

The difference is that somewhere along the way the villain's morals become skewed. The villain could want the same thing as the hero, the villain could even want something GOOD. He could even be stronger than the protagonist's. His goal even better. So what makes a villain different from the hero? Most specifically, his actions. The way he goes about achieving his goals. I'm looking at you, Ra's Al Ghoul.

My favorite villains:
Elias, Jonathan Nolan's Person of Interest
President Snow, The Hunger Games
The Commandant, An Ember in the Ashes
Colin, The Memory Lights
Von Linden, Code Name Verity

I love these villains because their sheer cleverness, intelligence, and their goals scare the life out of me. The pure evil villain holds no fear for me any more. If I could add one more to that list it would be the Apache Indians from Louis L'Amour books. Apaches were not only vicious and evil, but they were smart, clever antagonists. Nothing is more scary to me than a clever villain. But not a wacky clever villain, but an intelligent clever villain. A villain who doesn't do all the normal, cliche, tacky villain stuff. Tip of the day, friends.

And with that we lead into our first villain category. This list is by no means complete. I will keep on adding to it over time. Meanwhile, I hope you find the articles here helpful and don't forget to leave a comment on each author's post!

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Crafting Dynamic Villains

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Villain Backstory

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Villain & Protagonist Relationship
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Empathetic Villain

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