Reawakening | A Happy New Year & Promise-Filled Post + Inspirational Freebies

Dear Lovelies and Quiet Ones, and all the sweet people around here who have shared such lovely words with me,

I know I've been gone a lot the past few months, and it was really not my intention to sound ungrateful for the kind words you've left here for me to find, but I wanted to tell you I've not abandoned you. I intend to keep on keeping on.

Big Things Happened to Me This Year
  • I got a full time job.
  • I made a new best friend.
  • I discovered a new part of the creative life.
  • I learned why it's so hard for a normal, working class person to keep up a good creative life. The struggle is real.
  • I also learned the immense value of being disciplined and courageous enough to keep on writing when you have a full time job. I had no idea.
And I've just been quiet because sometimes I am just quiet. Internationally known as Introverting. Sometimes it's nice to take a moment to be quiet and think about things. Never misjudge how much good this does your soul, loves.

But onward, I am:

          Getting posts lined up, hopefully, for some January love, but I make no promise-promises.

          Hoping this place will actually become a ".com" and look a little more official. But we'll see! 

          Also going to pay some loving attention to my mailing list this year, and spend some time getting to know you and let you know a little bit more about me. So if you'd like to get in on some of that, be sure to subscribe below. You get my free writing book on NaNoWriMo, too.

But I want to thank all of you for all the love you shared with me this past year. I didn't imagine I'd meet so many lovely people when I started this blog, or that my ideas on writing would spread as far as they did. A Hug and Thank You for you, dear friend!

Wishing you a wonderful, wonderful New Year.


     And just 'cause I love you, here's some Inspirational Freebies

To remind you that it's ok to take a break:

To remind you to Resist the Urge To Explain when you write. 
I thought it quite a delightful reminder:


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